Alviol is a new respiratory focused drug technology company. As CEO Ben Wicks put it "Think of us as an Intel-Inside kind of company, for inhalers".

In the pharmaceutical world, you'd be forgiven if you felt most companies shared a similar graphical identity - visualised through their graphic styles and execution of colour. To help Alviol stand out they needed to cut through the noise. Present itself in a much cleaner, modern attitude, in line with its forward thinking — to show the world that there is a new kind of medical company at play.

To achieve this I looked to the graphic design master Paul Rand for inspiration, through his teachings, principles and understanding of his work. Alviol needed something crisp, something with a timeless balanced and modern flavour similar to Helvetica or Akzidenz Grotesk. I landed on Usual by Rui Abreu. A typeface of perfectly balanced weights, proportions and ultra sharp clean edges.

Building on the foundation of Usual, I set about transforming the defined logotype into something uniquely Alviol.