In the pharma industry, companies often take a technically proven off-patent device, which delivers a particular drug safely and effectively, and use it as a platform for their own drug. The benefits mean huge reductions in cost, risk and time getting a drug to market. However if a company was to use multiple platform devices, the result would be a portfolio of wildly different products.

This project showcases how design can benefit a situation like this by creating a family of products which felt more approachable, fitting with their users lifestyles rather than the stereotype usually found in inhalers. The challenge was to do this without changing anything technically from the original design, to avoid adding greater complexity to passing regulatory hurdles.

Through an exploration of finishes, textures, details and form, we transformed 3 common inhalers (pMDI, DPI and Capsule) into a cohesive family, PharmaCo.




This project was created at Team Consulting,
alongside designers Dawn Tang and Agata Guz.